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China Green Card

Holders of permanent residence are no longer subject to visa restrictions when entry and exit China. Normally, high-level foreign talents and family members of Chinese nationals could apply.

Application Conditions

Work type (Meet any of the below):

Worked in China for 4 years continuously (in which they need to stay in China for no less than 6 months each year), and met the annual salary of 600,000 RMB(before tax), and paid an annual tax of 120,000 RMB. Obtained a doctorate degree while once held Chinese nationality, then joined other nationality. Our team can help apply for the special approval for those who have been working in China Pilot Free Trade Zone for 4 consecutive years. And the applicant does not have to meet the annual salary and tax requirements

Reunion Type (Need to meet every item):

If your spouse holds a registered China residence. You have been married for 5 years. You need to stay in China for no less than 9 months each year.

Required materials (work type as an example):

Valid front pages of passport for 4 consecutive years. Work visa pages for 4 consecutive years. A copy of your current working permit. Employer's company business license If you held a Chinese nationality before, you need relevant documents (such as the residence registration cancellation certificate, your previous Chinese passport, Hukou, certificate of joining foreign nationalities, foreign green card, etc.)

How to plan properly

Know the required materials in advance
Avoid submitting wrong materials

Learn about the application direction in advance
Preparing for family applications

Clearly apply each step
Reduce the risk of visa refusal

Choose the right plan
shortens application time

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