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  • 2022-07-08 12:09:33

Residence Permits for Employees in China

What Is a Residence Permit for a China Employee?

A residence permit signifies how long a nonresident person can live in China.

Chinese residence permits look like visas and are included in a foreigner’s passport. Having a residence permit allows a person to enter and exit the country while the permit period is valid.

Residence permits are commonly used by expatriates who work in China.

Types of Residence Permits in China

There are three types of residence permits that give a foreigner the legal right to reside in China, including the following:

#1 Permanent Residence Permits

Permanent residence permits are good for workers who want to become a more permanent part of the Chinese culture. These permits are valid for ten years and can be renewed every ten years. They accompany a D visa.

#2 Foreigner Residence Permit

This type of residence permit is the most common for many foreigners who work in China. It is usually valid for one year.It can usually be renewed every year. It is important to know when you hire workers China in certain positions, such as company executives or legal representatives, they may qualify for a foreigner residence permit that is valid for two years.

#3 Temporary Residence Permits

This type of residence permit has the fastest expiration period, usually for a period less than one year after the employee in China acquired it. A temporary residence permit is usually provided to individuals who do not plan to stay in China for long, such as a visiting scholar or someone who is coming to the country for vocational training.

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Important Policy Information for Chinese Residence Permits

In 2015, the Ministry of Public Security in Beijing implemented new policies that affect residence permits and make the process easier and more convenient for certain groups. Some of the important changes include:

Expert residence permit – The Beijing Science and Technology Commission developed a list of more than 3,500 firms in China whose employees qualify as an “expert.” If your company is on this list, you can offer employees the opportunity to apply for a five-year work permit. Additionally, after your employee in China works here for more than three years, he or she can apply directly for permanent residency status.

Five-year residence permit – Expatriates who have worked continuously in Beijing for at least two years with a work visa and who have not violated any Chinese immigration laws can apply to receive a residence permit that is valid for five years the next time they renew their permit. This is a much more convenient option for China employees than renewing their residency status every year.

China university graduate residence permit – Foreign students who attended a Chinese university are encouraged to apply for a two-year residence permit after graduation. This policy helps China keep their brightest and top students in the country. Graduates can take advantage of this option to complete an internship, take advantage of a short-term assignment or establish a startup venture.

High earner benefit – China wants to incentivize businesses to invest in the China market and offers China employees who have high incomes to acquire their permanent residence permit. To qualify for this benefit, the employee in China must earn more than 600,000 RMB, paid their income taxes of 120,000 RMB or more per year, worked in Beijing for more than four years in a row and not have acquired a criminal record in their home country.

Personal employment permit – Expatriates who have a permanent residence permit or five-year work permit are allowed to hire personnel who can then receive their own residence permit. This allows expatriates to hire a foreign nanny or Ayi.