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How do foreigners transfer employment in China2022-08-15

If the work unit is changed but the work permit is not changed, it will not meet the requirements for foreigners to work in China and will be regarded as illegal employment. If the work position of the company has not been changed and the work type reside...

Notice of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on Issuing the Several Measures for Furt2022-07-19

TheSeveral Measures for Further Optimization of the Processing of the Foreigner’s Work Permit in Guangzhou are hereby issued for your compliance and implementation. In case of any problem in the process of implementation, please contact the Municipal Scie...

Foreign students graduated within 1 year! Work permit for you!2022-07-15

Every June and July is the graduation season in China, congratulations to all the graduates...

How to get a work permit in China?2022-07-15

Because of being a native speaker and in-depth understanding of their own culture and living habits, foreigners usually are popular choice for many schools or training institutions. The demand for foreign teachers is growing. Have you ever considered work...

Guidelines for foreign college graduates to work in China2022-07-12

Foreign graduates who have obtained a master's degree or above in a well-known university abroad and have graduated within one year, or foreign students who have obtained a master's degree or above in a university in China and have graduated within one...

Residence Permits for Employees in China2022-07-08

Chinese residence permits look like visas and are included in a foreigner’s passport. Having a residence permit allows a person to enter and exit the country while the permit period is valid.


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