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  • 2022-07-19 21:25:44

Notice of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau on Issuing the Several Measures for Furt

To the science and technology departments of all districts and all relevant units:

TheSeveral Measures for Further Optimization of the Processing of the Foreigner’s Work Permit in Guangzhou are hereby issued for your compliance and implementation. In case of any problem in the process of implementation, please contact the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

March 15, 2022


[Note:The English version is for reference only. Should there be any inconsistencies between Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.]

Several Measures for Further Optimization of the Processing ofthe Foreigner’s Work Permit in Guangzhou

In order to accelerate thedevelopment of an international innovation and technology hub in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), optimize the  foreign-related business environment in Guangzhou, and facilitate and standardize the management of foreigners to work in the city, the following measures for further optimization of the processing of such foreigners’ application for work permits are formulated.

1. Online application and processingis available

On the basis of “Commitment and Notification”, foreigners whointend to work in Guangzhou may now apply for their work permits completely online, and their applications will also be processed online. They generally do not need to submit paper copies of the application materials during the digital application. If the application is approved, the new Category A foreigner’s work permit can be collected or delivered directly, but the new Category B or Category C foreigner’s work permit requires the submission of paper copies of the application materials and the work permit is ready for collection after the original application documents have been verified.

2. Mutual recognitionin the Greater Bay Area of foreigner’s work permit qualifications is implemented

When applying for work permits in Guangzhou, foreigners who havealready obtained such permits from other GBA cities do not need to submit proof of work qualifications (except when engaged in a position or occupation different from the one currently employed for) and highest degree (diploma) certificates, and they may, in principle, apply for work permits directly in accordance with their original permit categories.

3. Foreigners who currently reside inChina are allowed to apply for work permits directly

Foreigners who holda valid Chinese visa and are employed by a local employer may directly apply for the "Foreigner’s Work Permit" in Guangzhou.

4. The age and work experience restrictions on foreign science and technologyprofessionals  are eased

For foreign science and technologyprofessionals who are employed by the key institutions which are undertaking some national, provincial and/or municipal-level science and technology project, or those who are  urgently needed for the development of some key industries in the district, their maximum age limit may, upon the recommendation of the employer, be eased to 65 years of age. For young foreign science and technology professionals who are urgently needed for a project, their work experience requirement may be exempted. When these conditions are met, a one-time work permit valid for  a minimum of two  years will be issued.

5. Foreign science and technologyprofessionals who currently work full-time in Guangzhou are allowed to take up other part-time jobs

Foreign science and technologyprofessionals with a valid "Foreigner’s Work Permit" may take up other part-time jobs in Guangzhou, on condition that they have obtained the permission of their current full-time employer and have completed the archival filing procedure with the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (Municipal Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau), in which the foreign professionals shall provide the written consent of the current full-time employer and a written tripartite agreement signed by the foreign professional, the current full-time employer and the part-time employer in which their respective rights and obligations are specified.

6. Theeligibility for the Foreign High-end Talents Confirmation Letter is further expanded

Those foreign science and technology professionals with doctoral degrees in such key disciplines as science, technology, agriculture and medicine who are taking part in some national, provincial and/or municipal-level science and technology project may, upon verification of the above credentials, apply for the "Foreign High-End Talents Confirmation Letter" and hence the foreign talent visa (R-type visa) which is valid for up to 10 years.

7. Themaximum age limit on foreign highly skilled professionals is eased

For foreign highly skilledprofessionals whose jobs are on the shortage occupations list published by Guangzhou or are urgently needed in the district for its development of key industries, their maximum age limit is eased to 65 years of age. Those who meet the conditions will be issued a one-time work permit valid for a minimum of two years.

In implementing the above facilitative measures, the municipal and district-level approval departments are required to intensify their efforts to ensure the authenticity of the documents submitted by the employers and foreigner professionals concerned, who shall promise that the information provided be true and correct and, if needed, shall work closely with the relevant approval departments for verification or supervision during and after the approval process.