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Chinese Company Registration

Foreign-funded companies

Foreign-funded companies refer to enterprises legally established by foreign investors in China. Our company provides foreign or joint venture company registration services, financial agency bookkeeping, as well as office and registered address leasing services.


Confirm company registration requirements
Prepare documents
Review the documents
Submit documents to relevant departments
Get the business license, official seal and bank account


Legal representative’s passport/email/telephone
Supervisor passport
10 company registration names
Business scope
After the application documents are complete, the process will be about 1 month.

Our services Include;

Consulting Company Registration
Trading Company Registration, Import/Export Licenses
Free Trade Zone Registration
Catering Management Company, Catering Licenses
Government Relates reports, Licenses and Certification
Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax refund filing services
Environment Reports

Service delivery



Our advantages


We serving more than 3600 clients from 60 countries around the world

High efficient

We are a legally registered work permit agency for foreigners.No success, no charge


Familiar with the residence handling policies of foreigners in China, and the pass rate of work visa is as high as 98.8%

Security fast

One-stop servicefor client confidentiality of company information to keep its promise

Experienced team

We have bilingual consultants who have been engaged in work visa services for more than 10 years

Quality service

Company registration, office setup, visa services, accounting and tax compliance and many more business solution